Skipperlings 2

The Skipperlings (photo by Little Village)

The Front Porch Music Festival is a neighborhood celebration of music-making. Inspired by the Water Hill Music Fest in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Longfellow neighbors organized the first Front Porch Music Festival in 2015. The 2015 festival included musicians of all ages (5–85) and experience (from novice to professional), performing in a wide range of musical styles and traditions, including jazz, classical, folk, and rock.

Performers are invited to play music on front porches or yards in the Longfellow neighborhood. Spectators are invited to walk the neighborhood and enjoy the music.

For more information, or to schedule a performance or share a porch, please email: info@frontporchmusicfestival.com.

The Longfellow Front Porch Music Festival is organized by the Sara and Trevor Harvey Family (Center Avenue) and Diane and Nathan Platte Family (Grant Street).

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